Why, you hairy little thief!
Saying Goodbye (@Iago)

Even though the palace was abuzz with activity, there were still a few sections of the place that were quiet. That was good; sometimes too much noise was bad for one’s head, especially if it came from Genie. Nevertheless, Abu was waiting for the opportune moment to sneak away to the rendevouz point.

His chance came, luckily, when Aladdin and Jasmine were distracted by some of the palace decorators and the Sultan. Quick as a wink, he hopped off his friend’s shoulder and scurried down the corridors until he was outside at the fountain. Now all he had to do was wait for Iago to show up.

”//Iago,//” the monkey called out, just loud enough to not alert anyone else, just in case the parrot had arrived before him.

DFD ALADDIN characters
Jafar… stop it…



Before sending Aladdin to a snowy cliff - His assets frozen!image

Trapping Jasmine in an hour glass - Ha ha Princess, your time is UP!image

Turning Abu into a monkey doll - Don’t toy with me!image

Turning Carpet into just string -  Things are unraveling fast now boy!image

Dropping swords on Aladdin -Get the point?!image

Before breathing fire - I’m just getting warmed up!image

Before turning into a snake - Perhaps you’d like to see how snake like I can be!image

Ok idk if the last one counts but still…

Yeah… he kinda…does that. Weird Bald freak… < <

Start-panicking-Abu has entered the maze~


“Who in the teas are you?!” The Queen demanded.

The monkey screeched as he hurdled himself back into the bushes, clinging to a particularly odd heart-shaped one with roses on it. This was definitely nowhere near Agrabah. Where was he?

start-panicking-abu started following you!


“Hello to you too!”


The little monkey waved back, a bit unsure about this girl. She sure wasn’t like anything he’d ever seen before. “//Hi!//”

100. Iago is one of the most dedicated roleplayers I have ever met! I’m so glad he’s part of our group!

100. Iago is one of the most dedicated roleplayers I have ever met! I’m so glad he’s part of our group!